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  • Robin Gustafsson's research focuses on strategy and organization in nascent industries, open platform ecosystems, and open innovation settings. Robin teaches several advanced courses in strategic management. In his research he takes a  longitudinal empirical approach (both historical and real-time) for investigating strategic action, organizing, and reasoning in industry wide change. Specifically he is currently involved in studying: (1) strategies for acting effectivley in emerging industries with focus on sensemaking and sensegiving strategies - a research project on the nascent electric vehicle field in Finland and US (California); (2) strategy and organizing processes (micro-macro) enabling industry and field wide change - empirical study (methdological developments of digital historical analysisi of 'complete' sets of archival data) on demutualization of stock exchange(s) and telecom sector(s) in Finland and Sweden (first in the world deregulation of industry) and a study on biofuels and a pioneering firms coping strategies within a grand challenge (climate change) in developing business; and (3) strategy and organizing of open 'collaborative-competitive' settings - research on the the formation, strategy, and organizing of Finnsh strategic centers for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOKs), focusing on CLEEN and FIMECC and a study on open platform boundary resources (the case of Google Android and five platform forks). Robins research has been published in top tier journals, such as Academy of Management Journal (forthcoming), International Journal of Management Reviews, Research Policy, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, and Organization Studies. His research provides input for executives in corporate strategy and innovation, and policy- and decission-makers engaged with designing innovation and industry policy.


    Robin Gustafsson on strategisen johtamisen apulaisprofessori Tuotantotalouden laitoksella Aalto-yliopistossa. Hänen erityisosaaminen liittyy toimialojen syntyyn ja perinteisten alojen uudistumiseen, strategisen johtamiseen, sekä rakenteellisiin uudistuksiin tutkimus- ja innovaatiotoiminnassa. Hän yhdistää opetuksessa yritysten ja toimialojen ajankohtaiset strategiahaasteet ja uusimat tutkimustulokset.

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