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  • Mikko Kanerva
  • My work focus is the mechanical behavior of interfaces when (a) two dissimilar materials are bonded 'adhesively' or when (b) two similar materials are bonded 'adhesively'. The aim in providing the knowledge is to understand the de-adhesion failure processes better - to eventually manufacture stronger joints and composite systems with less experimental effort, less cost and less time consumed.

    The analysis includes microscopy and spectral measurements for surface and material characterization and also simulation, e.g., analytical and numerical calculations. Especial attention is paid to the effects of microscopic roughness and third-party layers, or interphases, due to chemical interaction as well as oxide coverages on metallic surfaces. Also, the preparation of a real joint can form another set of important effects, emerging due to residual stresses.

    Is your research related to interfaces? Is the mechanical strength of your interfaces important? Let's co-operate and see what we can find out about interfaces!

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