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  • Arto
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  • Arto Lindblom
  • Professor, emphasis on strategies, processes and management systems in retailing, Aalto University School of Business, Department of Marketing.
    Areas of teaching and research expertise:
    - Retail Marketing and Management
    - Retail Business Models
    - Retail Entrepreneurship
    - Supplier-Retailer Relationships 
    Some past academic responsibilities:
    - Head of the Marketing Department, 1.8.2013-31.7.2014
    - Deputy Director of the Marketing Department, 1.8.2010-31.7.2013
    - Vice Dean of the School of Business, emphasis on teaching and quality, 1.1.2011-31.12.2012
    - Director of Strategic Retail and Channel Management MSc Degree Program, 1.8.2006-31.7.2011 
    Externally funded research projects:
    - Global marketplaces and ecosystems in retailing [Globaalien markkinapaikkojen rakenne, logiikka ja johtamismenetelmät]: 1.1.2016-31.12.2017. Funded by Tekes and partner firms.
    - FiDiPro project ‘The Red Queen Effect: Strategies for an Innovative Landscape’: 1.1.2015-31.12.2017. Funded by Tekes and partner firms.
    - Aalto Future Store: 1.8.2010-31.12.2011. Funded by Aalto Service Factory.
    - Competitiveness and security of shopping centers [Kaupallisten keskusten turvallisuus ja kilpailukyky]: 1.1.2008–31.7.2010. Funded by Tekes and partner firms.
    - Innovative business models in retail value chain [Kaupan arvoketjun liiketoimintamallien innovointi]: 1.1.2007–31.12.2009. Funded by Tekes and partner firms. 
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