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  • Olesya Fearon (Kuzmenko)
  • At current time I am working in Virtual Chemical Pulping Model Project (VIC). The primary objective of VIC-project is to create in-depth knowledge on the existing and possible new cooking process. I am responsible person for the creation "chemical library" of alkali-catalyzed reactions of lignin. In order to create this library I need information such as reaction's mechanism and kinetic parameters. Some data is available in literature source, but to get othersI have to do experiments. To create a simulation model our research group uses programs such as: flowbat and kinfit.  For more information about these program you can visit:

     The objective of my experimental work is to study the cleavage of the beta-aryl ether bond in a non-phenolic lignin model compound with alpha-carbonyl functionality (adlerone) by hydroxyl, hydrogen sulfide, sulfite and peroxide ions.  The kinetics of adlerone degradation reactions was studied by varying temperature and pulping chemicals concentrations, and evolvement of the adlerone and products' concentrations were followed by UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy. The reaction kinetic parameters were optimized using KinFit software.  The reaction products were studied by GC combined with mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Our GC-MS has an electron ionization (EI), chemical ionization (CI): positive (PCI) and negative (NCI) and possibilites for direct probe analysis (DPA). For my research I am using EI, NCI and DPA, as result I can see structure of my products. 

     In general I interested in lignin: what is the structure, how is lignin behave at different conditions and etc.