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  • Mikko Rinne

    Preparing a Ph.D. thesis on "Temporal aspects of event processing using semantic web methods". This involves publish / subscribe, complex event processing, event-based modeling, event ontologies, linked open data, semantic web, RDF, SPARQL, Rete-networks. I am - or have been - active in the following research tasks:

    INSTANS (Incremental eNgine for STANding Sparql): A platform for incremental matching of SPARQL queries and update rules against RDF data based on the RETE algorithm. My main task has been the development of SPARQL query networks to handle specific event processing tasks.

    SPIRE (Smart Parking for Intelligent Real-Estate): Software architecture design, requirements management and specification development for the first version of the parking information service. My contribution was the coding of the server-side solution, partial coding of mobile client application. Preliminary research was also carried out on the applicability of crowdsensing in determining availability of parking in the absence of infrastructure sensors.

    TrafficSense: Aims to anticipate people’s moves and assist them with cloud data to save time and energy in traffic. My main contributions so far are in concept design, software architecture design and open traffic data sources.

    Spaceify: Development of a smart space package for offices and events combining large public interfaces with personal connected devices and indoor positioning. I contributed in concept design and programming of the indoor positioning system.
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