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  • Heli Nissilä
  • I am a researcher at Aalto University School of Business, Department of Management Studies and a Doctoral Candidate at Aalto University School of Science, Doctoral Program in Industrial Engineering and Management. My PhD thesis concerns the Emergence and Development of Organizational Fields for New Clean Energy Technologies. In it I investigate how new sustainable fields are constituted, paying specific attention to the role of technological visions and expectations, experimentation projects and field-configuring events in such developments. My PhD is situated in the disciplines of Management and Organization Studies and Social Studies of Science and Technology.

    I am part of the Research Group for Sustainability in Business at Aalto University.






    Journal articles and book chapters:


    Heiskanen, E., Nissilä, H., Lovio, R., accepted. Demonstration Projects as Niches for Sustainable Technologies: Case Solar Building-Integration in Finland. Forthcoming in Journal of Cleaner Production.

    Nissilä, H., in press. Conferences as Sequential Arenas for Creating New Sustainable Fields. Forthcoming in Industry and Innovation in May 2015.

    Nissilä, H., Lempiälä, T., Lovio, R. 2014. Constructing Expectations for Solar Technology over Multiple Field-Configuring Events: a Narrative Perspective. Science and Technology Studies. Vol 27, No.1. (2014).

    Nissilä, H. & Lovio, R. 2011. Ilmastonmuutoksen hillitseminen liiketoiminnan muutosvoimana. [Climate Change Mitigation as a Driver of Business Renewal]. In Vastuullinen liiketoiminta kansainvälisessä maailmassa. Ed. Joutsenvirta, M. et al.. Gaudeamus, Helsinki 2011.


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