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  • Ava Grayson
  • I'm a second year Sound in New Media Master's student and came to Aalto with an interest in combining psychopsysiological response (biosignals), durational performance, and interactive/generative sonic environments into a performance-based thesis.

    I work for Aalto's current Artist in Residence--sound artist Ariel Bustamante--as a research assistant, and am also a first-year tutor within the Sound in New Media department.

    I'm currently in the beginning phases of my thesis research, but I'm also half of an experimental noise group (Haruspex) and compose chamber music. I hold a Bachelor of Music in Composition, and am trying to continue my creative processes in more traditionally-rooted veins as well as learning how to work with new technologies. Aside from traditional pen-and-paper composition, I work almost entirely with MAX and am looking forward to becoming more well-versed in other coding environments (such as SuperCollider and C++).

    General interests: I'm a child of nature and a shameless vegan foodie. Literature of many kinds fills up a good portion of my spare time, and language studies have always been with me since I've been in university.