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  • Doctoral Candidate / Research assistant (en)
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  • Jana Pejoska
  • The focus of the PhD work is on researching and developing tools that support learning and are designed based on the principles of human-computer-interaction or human-computer-human-interaction as an embodied experience. The work follows a research-based design approach, an iterative process consisting of several phases: contextual inquiry, participatory design, product design and prototype as hypothesis. I am addressing the following issues:

    • Understanding how context fosters learning
    • Designing tools:
      • AR-based prototype that fosters learning through enhancing peer-2-peer augmented interactions - Social augmented reality
      • Wearable device that enhances awareness in the process of learning body movements
      • Other solution proposals
    • Analyzing the variety of aspects that embodied experience encompasses in ubiqutous learning

    The expected results will be working prototypes of tools that are designed for learning based on embodied experience.

    The goal of the tools is not to deliver predigested information and non-changeble artifacts and tools to individuals, but rather to provide the opportunity and resources for engaging them in authentic activities for participating in debates and discussions, for creating shared

    understanding among diverse stakeholders, and for framing and solving personally meaningful problems.

    Another expected result would come from the evaluation of the prototypes. The reached conclusions will contribute to the delineation of guidelines for designing tools for learning which foster community building as well as facilitate a shift from consumer culture to participative and open culture.