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  • Anu A. Harju
  • In my doctoral thesis, I examine digital culture from multiple perspectives. My research interests include discursive and critical approaches to social media and identity, digital labour, consumer resistance, and online community dynamics from a cultural perspective. My research articles examine death, memorialization, and mourning rituals online; myth and religion/spirituality from a sociological perspective; fan collectives and fan memorialization practices; as well as gender and identity in the blogosphere. A lingering, yet persistent, interest lies with the discursive construction of the worker/employee ideal in the current labour market context, particularly how this is used within the wider economic discourse to convey and blur various ideologies.

    My research approach is a discourse-analytic one; I have a background in theoretical linguistics and English linguistics, with a focus on grammar and semantics. I have previously examined irony as a case of incongruent language from a cognitive-semantic perspective, gendered language from a lexico-grammatical perspective, and the complexity of both the grammatical constructions and evaluative rhetorical constructions in recruitment texts from a systemic functional linguistics perspective.

    I also teach Digital Communications and Media at Aalto University School of Business. Check it out on Twitter under #AaltoDigiComms - the tweets using this hashtag are collected under this TagBoard link  for ease of reading and following, and the course blog written by our students can be found here:   


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