About VISUalization Playground

VISUalization playground is a tool for exploring and visualizing multiple endpoints. It can be used to send simultanious SPARQL-queries to multiple endpoints using ajax request. Need help with SPARQL queries? Read the specification.

Start exploring

Data exploration and visualization process with VISU is following:
  1. Select endpoint(s)
  2. Edit selected endpoints
  3. Optionally select predefined query
  4. Optionally write your own query
  5. Optionally prefix uris, eg. foaf:name
  6. (If multiple endpoints) Select grouping method
  7. Start visualizing
Make a query

Edit visualization

When you have queried the endpoint, the standard visualization is the table, in which you can order your data if you wish. Now you can:
  1. Visualize your data as you wish
  2. Edit your visualization and data
  3. Resize the resulted visualization
  4. Copy url & share
Create visualization