Linked Open Aalto Data Service

Opening Aalto University Content for Applications

This site provides open data published by Aalto University. The data is expressed as Linked Data and provided as a SPARQL endpoint, Linked Data -style browser and machine (RDF) access to individual data items as well as downloads of whole datasets.

Published datasets include data about:

The data can be used to create visualizations and applications that demonstrate how linked open data can be used to improve the transparency of a university, add value to both students and staff, and to help decision makers understand and track the workings of a distributed, knowledge-based organization.

We participate in the Apps4Finland competition with an idea for linked university data and opening Aalto University data. Remember to vote for your favorite entries!

This site has been created within the Linked Open Aalto project at the Semantic Computing Research Group. We are collaborating with and try to reuse existing Linked Data vocabularies in order to maintain interoperability with data from other universities around the world..