Linked Open Aalto Data Service

Opening Aalto University Content for Applications

Our Mission

The mission of Linked Open Aalto is to foster creation, publication, and dissemination of Aalto University knowledge in research, education, and management. The work is a joint effort of Aalto schools and services, in collaboration with other universities and the society. The work involves both faculty members, service officers, and students in Aalto.

In our view, university data should be

  1. open for reuse and transparency (when possible),
  2. interlinked with each other for enriching it, and
  3. available as datasets and operational web services for easy application development.

We use as the technological basis Linked Data principles and methodology based on the W3C Semantic Web standards.

Linked Open Aalto provides a semantic data service platform to be freely used for multidisciplinary collaborations in research, education, IT services, and communications.